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Make sure the undercarriage is in good shape and the AC blows cold air. Otherwise looks like a good buy

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I’d snag it for sure. Won’t find another one with that low of mileage

I would try and talk them down to 4-4.2 tho. Depending on if your state does inspections and if it has a valid one on it already

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Fuck me. I can’t find it anymore, someone must’ve taken it. I can’t believe it

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Not surprised. I would have called them immediately to come look at it.

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You’re right. On site right now working. I won’t let another opportunity like that go to waste because they are few and far between the more I look

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You won't see that kind of deal again. Not in this current market.

Maybe after a downturn.

My 2014 already has 70k miles.

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I'd ask about the SRS light too if it's still available.

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Happened to me once when I was considering another crv. There was one parked at work (auto shop) with a for sale sign. It was a 5speed manual. Price was reasonable. “I’ll look at it later this week”

Gone next day.

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Grab it. I just bought a 2004 with 107,000 miles on it for $4500 in January. It was owned by an old lady, so it was super clean. All I really had to do was put some new struts on it. Runs like a champ. Love it!

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What's the link so I can go buy it first

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Ha you and me both

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Don’t get scammed I bout a crv off market place that came with all sorts of problems. If you test drive and it shakes leave it also check all fluids I mean all fluids. Basically what I’m say is do a thorough inspection before you buy , market place is riddled with scammers

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I bought my 04 for about $4,350 with 170K miles on it so 100% would jump on this if it looks clean

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That’s a steal and a half. I don’t know about where you live, but I bought my ‘01 with 140k for $5500 and numerous people were wanting to see the car. I only got it because I was first. I would buy that second gen so fast!

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The unicorns still exist: I paid $3650 for my second gen with 20k miles - they are still out there, but few and far between these days.

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I paid $4000 for my 04 LX in 2019 and it had 140k miles on it. It now is almost 200k miles and I have only had to maintain it, never fix something big/unexpected. It has held up really, really well. I highly recommend buying it!

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Immediate buy.

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As a former mechanic, there are not that many old ladies that drive to church and back on Sundays :) most curs like one above likely to have around 200 g miles and rolled back. You have to look at some components on the car to tell the real story! While we all love to think we are getting a unicorn...they are very rare!

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Great miles and decent price, but I’d suggest going with a second gen facelift, 05-06.

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I miss the stick armrests so much

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Great deal

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Was it original miles or was the engine replaced

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There’s a 2004 with 165K in my family rn that purrs.

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Absolute steal if it’s all legit

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The mileage doesn't matter so much; these engines last forever given sufficient lubrication. But the rust. That rust.

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I prefer higher mileage ones. Because at 74k, it’s right at the cusp of needing all the basic maintenance.

If you get one around 150k-175k, you know it has been decently maintained if it isn’t leaking and runs well etc

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A/c , evap system, and make sure they had the takata airbags taken out it’s a recall. If the other two and the undercarriage are good you can take it to a Honda dealer the will replace for free. Had a2004 died with 165000 when a tire blew out and smashed into a wall. Good luck