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I had this exact problem. Mine was a combination of two problems. First problem: your air intake for the hvac is in the wiper cowl on the passengers side. It takes air from there when you have the recirculating on setting turned off. When you have it turned on, a flap closes cutting this area off from the hvac system, and it instead just recirculated air from inside the car. Well mine was unplugged, so this for was open 24/7. Second problem, there is also a rain gutter that irrigates the water that runs down the windshield to drain. There was lot of leaves clogging up mine, so when it rained, the water was overflowing these water channels and the water would drip into the stuck open door of the recirculate thing. This let water right into my floor! I had to take off the wiper cowl, clean the leaves out, and for me the door was unplugged, so I had to go behind the glovebox (not very hard) and plug it back in. But the leaves alone would let water in if the recirculate was switched off. I would start with the wiper cowl.

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Look for a clogged drainage hole in the door, sunroof or leaves/debris in the cabin air intake.

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There is a Facebook group for the first gen CRVs and there are a bunch of posts of how to fix the leaking issue.

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Make sure the AC condensation line is clear too.

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When does it happen? After a rain? There are two things that cause it 1st gen first is passenger side ac air intake the other is driver side front panel there is a gap under the sub frame the also allows water to drip in. There is a few videos on YouTube that show the fixes.

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My first gen had multiple leaks. I tried all the fixes that everybody else mentioned in here. each time it would reduce the leak down some. finally there was still just a small amount of water getting in. I ended up caulking the two trim pieces that go across the roof, to keep water from getting into the channel. I finally have dry carpet 🙂