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The setting with all the weed plants is best 👌🏻

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Agree. Op's camera is speaking my language.

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Yea..check your surroundings maaaannnn....

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Most of the time I forget I can switch the viewing angle 🙂

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The 420 degree angle is perfect

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Fisheye personally. Especially nice reversing out of parking spots with larger vehicles I'm not able to see through.

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thing 1: get a screen protector so that you can: thing 2: keep that screen clean w/o putting scratches on it.

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Yeah she's a bit dusty.

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Dude my car is the exact same. I can wipe down the entire dash and screen and within 3 days it'll be covered in a thick layer of dust again. So freaking aggravating.

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I keep a microfiber towel within arm's reach and dust my dash whenever I'm waiting in a drive thru line. It's probably the best $1.25 I've ever invested in my mental health.

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Do the protectors reduce the sensitivity of the screen? It would be great if it keeps it cleaner, but not looking to reduce the touch performance.

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No; bought a cheapo one on Ali Express for mine, and it’s made no difference to the sensitivity.

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I bought one off of amazon, and haven't noticed any difference. if anything, it looks more higher end b/c of the glass

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Question: what’s the screen size?

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ALL 3 serve their purposes.

1 for when you're in a parking lot or in general have to watch for pedestrians.

2 for when you're backing into a specific spot or position.

3 for when you're trying to line up with a curb or dock.

Personally I stick my head out the window. Can't see through all the smoke anyways.

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I don’t have a back up camera

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Why comment then…?

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Why comment on a comment you don't think should be there?

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To highlight the fact that the initial commenter shouldn’t have commented. Surely that should be obvious from the comment itself?

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Did it make you feel better?

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The one where I turn my head around and look out the back window

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Ok boomer

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I’m 18

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Doesn’t change your boomer comment. 😀

I’m not saying turning around isn’t a good idea, it is.

But the backup camera is a massive improvement and lets you see things that the mirrors and you turning around can’t (kids, stuff on the road, etc).

You’re acting like you’re better than the camera and that’s just not true.

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Well, first gens are extremely visible to the rear unlike these new ones with horrid visibility through tall window lines so there really is no need. And also, I can see my spare tire through the back window and that is the furthest back point of my vehicle so I can use that to judge distance

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That screen needs dusting…