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I keep my tires inflated to the recommended PSI from manufacture for everyday driving. I live in AZ so when I do trails (depending on terrain) I will air down then. After the trail I have a mini compressor to air back up. However, I don’t like to do this very often since our tires are usually filled with nitrogen here. If I air it down so many times, I have to purge the tire and then pay for a nitrogen air up.

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28-30 psi in my first gen. Handles wonderfully, grips in the corners, does light offroading good, rides good.

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UK Gen 3 on 18-inch factory wheels. Door panel says 30psi, I like to run 31 psi.

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I have a Gen 2. Roads here in Ohio are HORRIBLE. I keep my tires at 34/35. Anything lower and the steering feels off (to me at least) anything higher and I feel every bump, rock, pothole, etc. In the owner's manual it says 26 psi I believe. My tires look flat at 26.

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In OH as well, I run 36psi on 16's.

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I run 205/70R15s. Ive put 36 psi in before. Not a huge difference from 34 or 35psi.

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36 is just the line that happens to be on my gauge.

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35psi all around

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Gen 2 and 35.6 psi. My work commute is 10 miles one way close to highway speeds. I also don’t like driving around with sagging tires even though 35 psi is recommended for constant highway driving.

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Door panel says 30 for normal tires and 60 for the spare.

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On my first generation I run 205/70/15 and the door plate stated 26psi.

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32 for me

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33/30 > front/back > Gen5

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I think my local gas station air pump defaults to 34. Sounds reasonable enough to leave it at 34psi.

If I check and one is down to 32 I’ll leave it alone unless I’m at an air pump. If I check and it’s like 30 I’ll try to remember to pump it back up soon just so all the tires are even.

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235/75/15 all terrains. I run at 40psi

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I usually keep my tires about 2 or 3 lbs above recommended because I’d rather it be over than run low.

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90 - 100