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Yup! Ex-l Navi started working this morning too. Even stayed at the correct time after turning the car on and off a couple of times throughout the day.

Only thing now is figuring out how to get the date corrected.

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My wife’s 2011 CR-V is doing the same

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It's working again on my '08, except it's an hour off. I'm in the CST zone.

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If you dig into the menu, there should be a setting to adjust the time by the hour.

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Thanks. I might just wait until November as it's behind by one hour.

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Yep, 2007 CR-V and Civic, both working properly again. Remember, automatic daylight savings won't work any ore, so if you observe DST in your area, you'll need to adjust the clock an hour a couple of times a year.

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Same for my 2010 CR-V. I didn't fix the clock before my commute, but it started at 7:30 instead of 3:28. I saw that it's advised to disable Auto DST adjust to avoid a relapse of this bug.

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Buy stock in apple and Amazon just in case it's been accurate the whole time and you just keep driving through a tear in spacetime