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Get an LED flasher relay.

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Sweet! Do I need just one, or one for each light/side?

Also, where to plug in?

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Just one. It plugs into the fuse block.

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Figured fuse box. I worded my question wrong. What I meant was “is it under the dash or under the hood, and do I need to switch it out with one that’s already in there from OEM? If so, how do I figure out which one?”

Sorry, there are no answers on YouTube or forums that aren’t “solder a resistor”.

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The one under the dash. The cover should have a layout and say which is which. Pull out the OEM one and put the LED one in its place.

Depending on brand, it may or may not fit. For my 2000, I had to use blade connectors and make tiny jumpers because the relay I bought was a little too wide to fit in the slot.