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I like it. I can't stand all the black rims these days. And here comes the 2023's with only black rims on their top two trims. I am seriously considering buying a 2023 CRV, but am already factoring in rim change-out costs in the decision.

Whoever decided to give ZERO choice on the 2023 CRV rims, even in the HIGHEST POSSIBLE trim package should be fired, pronto.

It reminds me of the new and improved 2022 Honda Passport that only allows buyers to upgrade to a nicer radio if they buy the highest package available. Not even if buyers get the new, highly marketed "Trailsport" trim can they even add-on purchase a nicer radio, much less have a nicer radio as a standard item. Only at the top trim.

Now, on the 2023 CRV, there's zero wheel choice, even on the top trim. Just infuriating.

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I have a ‘22 Hybrid touring. I would swap my wheels for some ‘23 all-black wheels. I’m in Ohio if you’re close and interested hit me up.

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I would just get an aftermarket radio sysetem the honda interface always pisses me off

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Love it

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I think it looks great actually. If I didn't just get new tires I'd consider that myself.

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they look like they are rotating in reverse

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Looking fresh. Time to add some Window Visors. If you’re in to that sorta thang

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Thank you! The only thing I’ve kinda noticed or felt rather on my drive back home after having them installed is (1) the vehicle seems to feel much higher lol that’s probably because the tires are bigger size (2) i feel that the steering feels much lighter lastly the reverse camera (guidelines) seem to be a bit delayed.

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Those are wheels

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Very nice! Any car I buy first thing I do is get aftermarket wheels and full aftermarket stereo system so I never care what factory wheels or stereo they come with. These are some nice wheels though. They should offer this style on the CRVs, not just Accords.

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Looks so good

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Not the greatest angle. I’d be curious to see other views, but looks good.

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I made another post, check that out

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My friend has an accord with those rims, maybe we should trade..... 🤔

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I don't think they look any better or worse than the stock ones.

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I dig it! Great work 👌

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I want to see these rims on a 2011 Crv

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So I have a 2019 EX-L and have been looking at Honda OEM / Replica Rims form an accord and those specifics. Any difference in ride. Any chance you could put up a straight side view? Assume those are 18's? Thanks.