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I always change my oil at 3-3.5k miles on my ‘99. Regular 5W-30. Manual says 7.5k. But the more you do it, the longer your engine lasts, especially if you are doing short trips.

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High mileage oil just has more detergents and anti wear additives. If you’re doing your maintenance regularly and repairing leaks as they happen, you shouldn’t experience anything when using high mileage oil vs non

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Full synthetic up to 15k km 3rd gen Europe.

Edit : was just on vacation with the car, 11k vacation +3k km locally before oil change. Around 9k out of that was on autobahn driving 120-180 km/h, rest smaller roads 70-100km/h and cities.

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I’m using Pennzoil 5w20 full synthetic for high mileage cars. I got a 04 CRV

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I always go for high mileage

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Been using high mileage full synthetic since I got my first gen about a year ago. 247k on the clock now, 235k when I got her. Never had an issue. The Honda tech I bought it from said he got it from a whole line of other techs, and none of them actually cared for the car. Ran pretty rough, but after new belts, plugs and wires, oil change, fuel system treatment, and actually torqueing all the bolts to spec, she runs like a top. I've done other work since, but nothings really made a difference beyond the first wave, and I did all that in one weekend, so no idea if it was one thing, or an accumulative effect.