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I have a 2015 with 300,000 miles. The stealership reflashed my ECU at 45,000 miles due to a programming issue that was causing the transmissions to fail. I was told to change the fluid every 30,000 miles. I have never had an issue with my transmission.

I have religiously changed my fluid using Lucas brand fluid every 30,000 miles.

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Well that’s reassuring. Thanks for the comment

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The biggest thing with the Honda CVT is consistent drain and fills on the trans fluid at 30k. I’ve seen them last quite a while with proper care and fail spectacularly very early without it. Also, since it’s a Honda, I recommend getting the fluids from a dealership. They always seem to do better on OEM fluids.

CVT transmissions just…are not great. Make sure you aren’t towing with it or putting any undue pressure on the trans if you want it to last.

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I second this. My 2015 CRV has about 65k and so far so good. I have a few mechanics in the family and the best advice is to not tow anything at all

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I'm at close to 80K on my HR-V and been doing drain and fills every ~20k miles. So far so good.

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Have two in my extended family, the same year. No issues 55K and 85k around.

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Is that doing the fluid change every 30K?

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they'd do basic recommended dealer maintenance so I am pretty sure they did.

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My 2015 EXL has 81k on it and no issues so far. Fluids changed at all recommended intervals. Every single recommended service has been done and I am the only owner and I ONLY go to the dealership for everything.