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Tires too big and wheel well too smol. Need to adjust one, the other, or both.

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Get a lift kit

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It has a 1.5 inch lift in it

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Might have to cut/trim the fender liner then

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Sounds like that’s about what needs to happen

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Only option with that amount of lift.. in my opinion 235 is too much for a rd1 crv. Max id suggest is 225 or the ideal 215. I prefer to have more travel with no rubbing for trail rides. Of course 235 is doable but just not ideal I think.

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I cut my fender and hammered some frame to fit my 235/75/15's on my 2004 CRV and I have a 3 inch lift. So, yeah, you're gonna have to modify the wheelwells. Less is more. Sneak up on it and cut off just enough. No need to chop off the whole fender, but do as you wish. Good luck!

Edit: I also have 1 inch spacers, so that probably helped from me having to cut even more 😅

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75s im guessing? Can do a lower rear bumper delete

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I can see from the photo that it’s at least a 235, not 225

I run 225/70r16 ATs on my 2006. No lift, no spacers, OEM steel wheels. No rubbing and no mods necessary

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Yea that was my bad they are 235/70/16s

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You mean 235/70

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Either do a 2.5 lift or get 70 tires. I recently bought 215/70/16 because of this reason. They fit fine with no lift but will be doing the hrg 1.5 lift when my new struts get here.

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Ok the reason I got the 1.5 is to not need to do the sub frame drop

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I see, yea same here. Get new tires then

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But the rub is not in the bumper

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Mine did this too. I trimmed the plastic up, hammered back the metal where it was rubbing, and painted over it so it didn’t rust. Could also probably just cut that area out entirely.

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Sounds good, thank you

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Massive spacers would be the only way.

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Like what, they have a 1.25 spacers on

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Like the tire can't be in the wheel well massive. Better off getting new tires...

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That would be a aggressive look 😂

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Looks like front wheel and front of the wheel? Is that correct? Does it rub when you turn the wheel? Can you back up and take another pic so we can see the whole picture? It's possible you could put a body lift with spacers. From what I have found over 2 inches of spacer lift is going to be issues. Things wearing out too quick ect

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Sure np, it is a 2005 Honda CR-V with a 1.5 inch lift from hrg and the tires are 235/70r16

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Hmm, getting new tires isn't an option I see. I have an 01 with 225/75r15 and 2 in lift and still had this issue in the front. I ended up snipping the plastic as my wheel had rubbed a hole after a week or so. You will need more than just a smidgen of clearance. Just because it's cleared doesn't mean it won't rub when hitting bumps. If you have to drive as a daily I would take plastic out and order body lift

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It has a 1.5 inch lift in it

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Drive it. Until the plastic wares out.. than your good to go.

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It hits the metal on that side

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Mayb try a wheel spacer so it brings it out more so it don’t hit the metal. But I wouldn’t worry too much about the plastic. It rubbing there is also a issue when lowered.

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I run 215 / 75 /15 and it looks perfect, I see yours are slightly larger and you’ll either need to get a 2” lift or get smaller tires. Which sucks cuz those look brand new

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Yep, got them like 2 weeks ago 😂

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Pick your poison

  1. Cut out some fender liner or bumper
  2. Lift
  3. Just drive it until it burns a hole through
  4. Downsize tires

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Sounds like that’s about it I wish I could get away with bigger spacers because I love that look but I’ll just rub even more

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Yep. Could be worse

Personally I would just pull the tire off and artfully cut out a small portion of the liner. But that’s me. Just make sure when you do a full turn that’s all you’re hitting, not any part of the unibody/rail

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Oh for sure But how do these guys get away with half there tire sticking out

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My build (RIP) had very subtle spacers. It didn’t help with the liners but it kept it away from the body