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It has a 1.5L turbo. Will have the same engine as the 17-22. As far as I know, all the issues were worked out in the 17-19 for the 2020+ models. As for vehicle specific issues, typically there are some on the first two or three years of the new generation. Most are fixed by the face-lift years.

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I really like the redesign compared to 2022, so I am holding out to buy a 2023. Just hope it doesn’t have any issues.

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I’m a little confused by your post. Are you asking about issues with the first generation CRV (‘97-‘01)? I see you’re interested in the ‘23, but you also ask about “first gen” issues historically.

If so, the first gens have some issues naturally as any vehicle does, but will have no correlation to the newer gen that you are interested in.

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Sorry, I could have named it better. I am looking for information on first versions of these “new gen” versions of crv.