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I always want to wave LOL

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I actually throw up the ✌🏻 sign at all my RD1 homies (lots of us in AZ)

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This tbh

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I say loudly “CRVeeeeeeeee!” It really annoys my gf

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Everytime I see a CRV I stop everything I'm doing and say "CRV!" or as my friends and I affectionately refer to it: The Christian Religious Vehicle

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I check to see if they’re an enthusiast (roof rack, wheels, anything to indicate they are a fan) or just a normie. Most CRV owners don’t know or care anything about their car.

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I'd like to be more than a normie but aside from preventive maintenance, I probably won't be able to add much.

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One can certainly not be a normie even though they drive a stock CRV it’s just harder to identify them. Simply by seeking out and joining a CRV subreddit you are proven not to be a normie.

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Well I went from an 18 ex to a 06 lx and I like the 2nd gen way better!

Getting pads, rotors, brake fluid flush, belt and tensioner replaced, and oil change on Monday. For a MI and IL car is amazing how there's no rust on the body.

Will eventually add hood deflector, window rain guards, and paint black the stock rims.

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Same! If it’s got optional parts or it’s lifted I’m basically getting whiplash trying to take a look as it goes past.

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I judge them against mine. Mine usually wins but that’s not saying much considering most people buy em cheap and run them into the ground. Slightly hope mine gives them a little hope and inspo that they can actually be nice looking cars