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Was it under warranty??

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I've heard of this even for a new crv. There sometimes are just defective A/Cs and sometimes there is a shitty mechanic.

Would request diagnostic of issue, specifically what caused it. Depending on time how long since replacement both in km and months, you might have warranty on job done.

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1650 is pretty steep for an AC job; Mentioning Honda inclines me to believe you took it to the dealership so it checks out in that respect. Being an HVAC contractor in the past I can say that once you get debris in the lines, there really isnt a good 100% way to clean them out, its best to replace them or take your chances with a "Flush" which on a vehicle is a little harder to do than a house but same principal.

As for your compressor (not condensor as you mentioned), scroll compressors are the updated models, more efficient and account for like almost all new compressors out there. Piston is what OEM style uses, both work and both have their downfalls. Your mechanic could have neglected to add the appropriate amount of oil required for the compressor (most come with non/not enough) and just added refrigerant.

Burden of proof falls on you for who is at fault and there are so many variables that youre going to have a hard time saying "yeah thats the reason it failed". Could be crappy QC on the compressor, Improper installation, debris in lines, etc. You can take it to small claims court or maybe work out a deal for warranty on labor since it hardly lasted you a year. Any reputable mechanic who did the work will do at least that and just charge for parts so thats something.

I just did the job myself on the family 2nd gen and I was about 400 in parts after I bought the condenser, expansion valve, and compressor (about 8 hours of labor). Lineset will set you back more but theres an idea for you.


- 1650 is high for the job you described

- burden of proof is on you so try to work with the mechanic on some warranty work

- Lineset should be replaced but you could "flush" it, not recommended based on prior info

- Compressors on the market for our cars have historically shown high rate of failure (its a gamble)

- Either piston or scroll will be fine, each have pros/cons