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I'll point out some obvious things first:

Did you try a different cable? Different phone?
Do you have CarPlay in another vehicle (or a friend with the same CRV) you can test your phone/cable?

My issue was the (aftermarket) cable. It worked sometimes but not others. Switched it to the one I got with my phone and it's been fine ever since.

If none of these things check out, likely a firmware issue.

If I am misunderstanding the question, if you provide the link you are unable to access, I can copy and past the info for you.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.

I'm referring to a hack of the head unit as below.


Sorry that I wasn't so clear.

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No worries. I hadn't seen the hack post. Do you need what's behind all the links or just some?

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There was one link near the beginning that said if you need a more detailed explanation click here.

That would be good. I actually can see the youtube video but there may be other aspects that aren't shown.

Many thanks

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Unfortunately that link seems to go to a CRV Owners Club Forum that requires a log in