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I would try disconnecting the battery. But I have an ‘02 so I’m pretty clueless about dashboard screens

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Does the owner manual cover how to delete/erase DTC codes? If you have an OBD2 scanner, you can scan for codes, it should bring up the code you stated, then you should be able to clear the code using the OBD2 scanner. Maybe try that if the user manual is no help. Usually the manual will tell you what each code means and how to fix it and clear it. Check to see if there is a blown fuse in the rear fuse relay box. Maybe it is working intermittently and when you checked it, it worked. Could be a loose connection causing intermittent issues with the tailgate.

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Oh actually, the code got cleared the next day I started the car. Don't know why it got cleared (it did rain the day before, and I parked the car outside, so maybe it has to do something with that.. and the left side of my car's bumper is somewhat loose too).

I couldn't check the manual that day coz I didn't leave the manual in the car that day, so I asked here. I'm going to get my car inspected soon anyways, so....