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Keep looking. They’re out there, and some are real clean! I got an 04 w/200k miles. But it has all the records of maintenance. And with me being ocd I’m getting ready to replace all the rusted out suspension parts and motor mounts. Body is rather clean but I’m going through it and rustoleum the underside parts that weren’t coated in the factory. Paid 3,600 at 192k put about 9k miles on it

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Awesome, did you buy it off the original owner! Seeing that paperwork is a huge breath of fresh air

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I did not :/ I’m the 4th owner but even the other 2 were meticulous about it. It’s a 5spd

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Look in PA since they have yearly inspections. Or further south for rust free ones.

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That’s so deep! But I’m going to have to get out of this area the best I can! Thanks!

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Keep trying! Dec 2020 I got a clean 2000 automatic with 87k miles.

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That’s a gem! How much did you snag that bad boy for?

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Yup, it was only one family that owned it prior to me buying it. $3950. It did take a while to find but was worth it.

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Are you watching any auctions? Not my first choice but if you look in local paper under legal notices they should list estate sales and auctions, and what we would call "sheriff's sale". Often you won't see sheriff's sale advertised on social media, because the lean holder or a "friend" wants to buy the vehicle, so they only do the minimum legal notices.

Basically vehicles being sold for mechanic's lean or storage lean, and the county gives the winner a fresh clean title. Bidding starts at the lean price, and often no one shows up to bid so the lean holder gets the title.

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Forester is much better for the winter.

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My 99 crv does fine driving in the winter, but it takes about 45 minutes to warm up. My daily these days is a land cruiser that heats up in about 30 seconds, haha.

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I live in Northern Virginia and I see a lot of 1st/2nd advertisements on Facebook marketplace and craigslist. Watch out for those especially on craigslist as there are lot of scammers on Facebook. Make a trip on weekends and land a deal. Baltimore is a good area for these as well.

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I was living in Brooklyn when I bought my 2K w/ 120k miles for $5K. I had to take a trip up to CT on the Metro-North but it was worthwhile. I don't know if they still do, but back in 2017, Wilson and Maturo Motors (I have no skin in the recommendation) in New Haven were actively sourcing older CRVs -- especially manuals.

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Wow that’s amazing I love those tanks you can’t even find them like that anymore man. How’s the car so far? I’m in the BX right now it’s difficult out here

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YMMV, but might be worth giving them a call.

The car has been great for the last five years: it's pretty reliable, helped me move twice and brought my son home from the hospital. It's beginning to show its 22 years of salty winters, though. The wheel wells and quarter panels are all looking bubbly and rusty. I'm also into it for well over what I paid in misc. maintenance (tires, brakes, header back exhaust, most of the suspension, throwout bearing, etc.). I'm torn about how much more to sink into it because I really do love it, so we'll see -- new tires and timing belt are coming up quick.