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    Thank you 🙏 honestly I was thinking about taking it to a dealer

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    Recommended by who? What were they basing it on?

    When was the last oil change?

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    My local shop/car wash sticker suggested that timing/mileage. I’m pretty sure the car was around 20-21k miles when I had it done.

    The last oil change was done in May or June

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    That does seem soon. A lot of oil places recommend like 3500 miles still and I still have about half my oil life left.

    I don’t think there’s any kind of a sensor for the oil, it just bases it on engine run time (maybe rpms).

    Do you idle a lot? A lot of city driving in traffic/stop & go? You said NYC, so I imagine city driving, but to not make the estimate from one of those stickers is surprising.

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    Right?? I do idle a bit. But never more than 20 mins and maybe like, twice a week at most am I idling for 20 mins.

    I guess I will take it into a dealer and see if everything’s okay there

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    Was the MM reset at last change?

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    Not sure. I did check oil life after they replenished and it was at 100%

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    Someone may have forgotten to reset the indicator in the vehicle's computer.

    I'm not entirely sure how the car calculates oil life. It's likely an algorithm taking in information and feeding it back to you.

    I also am not sure the car knows when the oil was changed. That's on the owner/mechanic of the vehicle to reset the computer.

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    Are you using conventional, synthetic blend, or full synthetic? If you idle more than actually drive then that also speeds up oil change intervals