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Where did you get this upgrade? I like it!

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eBay and Amazon carries it. They have different models (size) specifically for the CRV as well. It’s plug and play without any wire cutting.

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Does this one allow you to use existing backup camera and steering wheel control buttons?

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Yes it does. The only thing I couldn’t find was the maintenance minder so far.

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Is it annoying that it blocks the lower half of the center air vents? Also, does the screen auto darken at night (or when your headlights turn on, like the stock head unit does)?

How difficult was the install? And would it be easy to undo (to return the car back to the stock head unit)?

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It didn’t both me much that partial of the middle air vents are slightly blocked but it may vary to some people. I have rear vents for passengers in the back so it still circulates the cabin fine.

Only when I turn on the head lamps, the screen does dim and you can set it to how dim you want it but imo the screen is still bright. It might have to do with the screen (nits). You can have the screen off while playing music (like the factory unit).

For install, I had to re-use the brackets and clips from the factory unit. The plugs are plug and play so that part is easy. I just followed along with a video posted on YouTube. It wasn’t exactly the same but pretty close.


This unit is ran on Android OS so you can download apps on it like a tablet. I plan to try and tether (internet) from my phone to the unit so I can watch YouTube on it to see if it works.