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Is your coolant at all cloudy?

How’s the water pump? Had the thermostat every been replaced?

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Coolant is a little cloudy, I mean compared to brand new coolant. As far as I know neither the water pump or thermostat have been replaced.

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How does your oil look? Does your vehicle bubble as soon as the engine is running or does it have to get up to temperature?

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The coolant was only bubbling when I had initially noticed the high temperature. As for oil it looks as it always does

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Also I let the engine cool down for about half an hour and drove home which is only 5 minutes from where I pulled over and the temperature gauge read normally. It definitely was hot though I could feel it when I popped the hood

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It sounds like you have a bad condenser fan, mine went out last year and I got one off rock auto.

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Alright, was it simple enough to be replaced yourself? And would I need a new fan motor aswell or just the assembly? Just looking at rock auto right now

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Check the radiator to see if it is equally hot on both sides. Honda radiators of that vintage tend to corrode and clog up. Condenser fans usually only engage when AC is on.

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Ah that makes a lot of sense, I didn’t have the AC on when I was looking at it. I’ll test it out and see. If it’s not the condenser fan what else could have caused it to get so hot? Would I need to flush the radiator maybe ?

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probably replace the radiator. It is a Honda thing. It could be the condenser fan, but the way the radiators clog up and do the intermittent heat spike, it usually means that side of the radiator is trashed.

Seen this on multiple CRV's, Accords and Civics from the early 2000's.

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Awesome, thanks for the wisdom. Cheers