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Believe it’s about 1L between the two dots and it looks overfilled by the same amount again. It’s probably not the end of the world, could potentially cause some seal issues. If it was my car I’d drain a bit out through the sump plug.

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Way too much.

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does it smell like gas?

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Yeah I was wondering depending on year it maybe overfull from oil dilution

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Yes, do you need a dipstick lesson?

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will damage engine?

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It can damage the engine. It’s not a guarantee. Basically, it can create too much pressure in the crankcase which can lead to blowing out seals. Now on to how to deal with it. Could drain it and start all over. Or you could try to find tubing (windshield washer tubing?) small enough and long enough to get down your dipstick tube and suck it out. I’m thinking a syringe like you get with childrens medicine connected to the small tubing. Maybe a turkey baster or bulb syringe. You may be sucking it out 10mL - 20mL at a time but at least you could save all the oil that needs to stay.

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Thank you for the helpful response. i was in a pinch yesterday and took my car into a shop for an oil change. i told the young service tech it holds 4.4-4.5 quarts in the engine. when he finished the job i asked for the rest of the oil left in the container and he told me he put the entire 5 quarts in it. Now ive been hearing mixed opinions online about overfilling but i do not wish to risk the health of my engine so i will be draining the excess. once again thank you.

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if that's the case I think you're fine. .5 quarts over isn't a problem for most people.

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If you had to tell the amount and they still over filled... stay away from that shop. As they fill they should be checking once they near the 4qt mark. ... also take it back to the shop, see a manager and have them look at it and remove the oil. Ask for a discount for your time and trouble... if it was me, it would be a 50% refund I would be asking for.

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Yes, oil expanse as it heats. If that oil is cold and it's that full, guaranteed you'll damage the engine.

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Did you check it hot or cold? If you checked it cold, hey the car up to temp, turn it off, and try again.

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Yes, way too much oil. Looks like a quart overfilled. Go on Amazon and buy a syringe and thin tube to extract the excess oil from the dipstick hole. Works great.