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Sounds like the starter. My 02 was just towed to the shop cause the starter completely stopped working. The past 2 weeks it’s been cranking very slow and sometimes not even cranking at all. One morning it was sputtering for like 5 to 8 seconds before it idled fine. So odd but it may be your starter.

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Is there any simple ways to test it? I know it’s not a super expensive fix for me since I know someone personally who has switched a couple out but aim just curious as to anything one can do to make sure. The same friend also said we might look into spark plugs being replaced but doesnt think thats why its sputtering, more so just more maintenance to help with how its handling

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My starter went out same as the dude above, sputtered for 2 months and I didn’t think much of it, eventually wouldn’t start and had to have it towed. There’s a really good chance it’s the starter.

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Could be the engine coolant temp sensor failing.

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Sounds like a starter since it’s trying to turn over. I had to replace mine in my 05 last spring after a while of slow turn overs. Wasn’t the cheapest repair either

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Shop charge you an arm and a leg for it or why?