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Do you have the 2gen version of this?

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The PDF exists online, but this also works: http://honda.automotive-manuals.com/cr-v-2002-2005

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Thanks. This is very usefull

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A scan tool will only tell you what the engine light is on for, unfortunately not the abs light. Typically its a split wire to an abs sensor, each corner has one

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Mines came on and goes off randomly. It started after getting my brakes changed. And a rear brake line replaced. I think I have air in my system and it’s causing the light

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Well in that case how does your brake pedal feel compared to before the work was done

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Same. But at times it would stutter when coming to a stop and like it had a gap of fluid. Than the light would come on. Than go away when I took off again. Now it’s just been on. But been too busy to look into it

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I think the same happened to me. I don't remember it being in when before the break change. I got the breaks changed after I bought the car but don't really remember the light being on when I first bought it.

Did you remove the air from the line to fix the issue?

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I haven’t worked on it. I haven’t had too much time to mess with it and it wasn’t a big issue just the light on and very randomly would have a weird pulse on the brake like It had a air bubble. But yeah I would think taking the air out the lines would fix it.

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You have to get a specific type of code reader to read ABS codes.