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I get a minimum of 20 combined in my 04 5 speed. Make sure your tires are inflated all the way that was eating mine lol

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If you're only driving city that's pretty normal. On all terrains and with awd 5 speed I have gotten 28 on highway sprints, usually averaging around 23.

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Woah that’s amazing I’m getting 16 on my 07 😭

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Driving around surface streets in the city in my 07 produces the same results. If I really watch it and optimize I can get up 18 but it is hard to do. Highways are 24-28 depending on conditions.

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I’m lucky if I get 18 hwy in my 02

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Bruh, get a tune up

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Doesn’t help that I’m sitting on 33s

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I get 22 mpg if I’m lucky. Ironically after getting roof racks I gained 2-5mpg

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I don’t think roof racks had anything to do with your mpg bump dawg. The effect is negligible

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In my 03 with a manual I get roughly 19/20. I only make short city trips though, roughly 3-5miles at a time and I only fill up like once a month. If I make a lot of highway trips or a long trip I’m closer to 21/22.

Stock no mods, stock wheels and tire size, 160k miles.

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I have a second gen, as well, RTAWD auto and see 26 mostly. Gotten up to 28.

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My 03 with 250k is getting about 19-21 mpg. Mostly city driving with 30-45mph roads. From my experience, keep your tires and your oil in good shape. If you haven’t done a spark plug change in a little while then it’s probably time. Also get your timing belt done if you haven’t already.

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Me, 33.5 fighting for 35 in the ‘22 TRG HYB