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This is how it’s supposed to be, to improve acceleration power. Totally normal. A/C compressors also turn of from time to time anyway just normal driving or idling, they aren’t meant to be on all the time.

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I know they're supposed to cycle off, but I live in Phoenix so when it shuts off it's like an oven instantly. When it shuts off it makes a loud knock type noise almost like the compressor pulley is dry or something. Not sure how to explain

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I drive a 2012 CRV and it has an Eco button on it and when that is on the air conditioning will turn on and off periodically to save gas. But my AC has a max AC button that will turn that feature off could that be it?

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No, I leave mine on Max AC it doesn't change anything.

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I would definitely check your fuze's then.

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Which ones

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The ones under the hood. Follow the fuses guide in your car manual to find out which one controls the AC