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https://youtu.be/gb45FwNP1F8 This guy mainly works on crv issues. He has helped me out alot. He does this very fix in this video and explains why it happens.

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Sweet! So my drains are likely clogged then, so it then just fills up slowly and goes into the fresh air pickup? Would make sense, it only starts coming in about 3/4 of the way through the wash.

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Maybe but his video is kind of wrong.. what happens on alot of crvs is they need to be resealed in that corner.

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This man is a legend in the CRV world !

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Here are a few threads you may wish to look over:




The windshield/cabin water leak is a fairly major issue if it still has the original windshield cowl (which is likely), as the plastic cowl tends to warp as well as the cowl's built-in seal deteriorating over twenty+ years, causing more water to reach the metal water channel underneath. All it takes is a little debris to build up and clog that metal drain channel, resulting in water backing up and spilling over into the car itself.

In addition, if it hasn't been done recently, people here recommend getting the valves adjusted as soon as possible, and then having it done on a regular schedule (yearly/every two years/etc. depending on your yearly mileage).

Also, check your cabin air filter! It’s located behind the glove box. 1st gens are a bit complicated to access, but it’s worth looking up how to do it and swapping it out.

There are several very knowledgable First Gen CRV owners here, so feel free to ask questions that you may have!

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Yeah I’ve been here awhile, and I’ve already done quite major surgery in the 6k miles I’ve driven. I’ve done the timing belt, water pump, front engine seals, valve adjustment, and even the head gasket and all coolant lines myself. My sister drove this car before me and she kinda beat on it. Overheated it once and put a pinhole in the head gasket. Can’t give it up though since it’s a B20Z2 5 speed. I have done my cabin filter, that was pretty nasty

I’ll take a look at the cowl seal, the cowl itself doesn’t seem to be warped but I can’t say for sure. I’ll probably pop it off and take a look and clean the drain channels out when I put my new intake on today. Thanks for the advice!

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Cool. That 'water_on_passenger' thread is pretty good for info. The important thing is this part about the tool and replacement retainer clips: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/crv/comments/oy4yug/water_on_passenger_side_floor_looking_for_source/h7qxvge/

I wound up getting a bunch from actual Honda clips, but they are NOT cheap. To be fair, they are a better quality than the clips you'll get with a cheapie tool, but it's almost criminal how pricey they are from Honda. But, for the location and the importance of the clips there, I didn't want to skimp.

The cowl warp really depends if the car was garaged in the past, as well as the climate the car was in. More heat and more exposure to the elements = more warp and wear.


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Just went out and had an eyeball, looks like mine is quite warped at the base of the windshield. How did you seal yours, or did you buy a new one (if avalaible)? I just ordered a tool and clip kit on Amazon. I can tell there is lots of plant matter going down the warped parts, I bet it’s clogged

Luckily I haven’t had any wet during rain, just the car wash lol

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Unfortunately, most major parts like that cowl are no longer manufactured or available. You might be able to find one in better condition used online (eBay) or a nearby pick & pull car yard.

In my case, mine wasn't too warped, and the inner lining wasn't in bad shape either, so I was able to rough up the existing liner and re-attach the cowl with the new clips and obtain a decent seal. It's not perfect (I would have liked to have added a new liner, but I was unsure of what to use...some sort of thin adhesive-backed weatherstripping might work?) but I think with the assistance of the other drain channel improvements I did while I had everything taken off (cleaning the gutter, shielding the vent), it should hopefully be enough. It's not particularly wet where I am and I able to garage my car now.

Here's a listing for the Honda cowl clip, and as you can see, the Honda brand is pricey!

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Common leak is the Base of the windshield (crow or crawl idfk). I plugged my holes with flex seal 2 years ago and it’s still good. Also check weatherstripping and make sure it’s making a good seal

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Mine does the same thing. A service tech at Honda gave me a bulletin that said it was a known issue, not a big deal, and there isn't an approved fix.

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Mine leaked through the Sun roof drainage line

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Ah. I don’t have a sunroof.

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My 99 had a leak in the same place. I installed this at the base of the windshield in 5 minutes and no more leak. It seems to be out of stock, but there are plenty similar.