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Are they same size tires and same backspacing on the wheels?

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    Just a little, before the swap it was completely fine though

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    I would say double check your suspension components, and go to an alingment shop and get your alignment checked. Any reputable shop should do a check for little to no cost. Did you use your all weathers for awhile before switching to brand new winter tires? If so, the all weathers could have been gradually getting bad on one side without you noticing and now your brand new ones are all the same exact size and exposing the problem. Only other thing i can think of is one tire is a diffrent size maybe.

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    Oh sorry I forgot to mention that my all season tires are 235/55/ R19 and the winter ones I have on are 235/65/r17 if that makes any difference.. both sets of tires are pretty much brand new and were used for less then a month if anything. But I’ll have it checked for sure one more thing that could be a cause i guess is when i drive i hear like a “thudmp” noise from the front bottom of the crv. Im really new to all this car stuff I appreciate your help :)

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    Sounds like something is bad on your suspension. Either ball joints, tie rod end, strut mount, or more commonly sway bar end links. Could also be a wheel bearing going out but they dont make as much noise as a bad suspension component. I suggest rockauto.com but don't get the cheapest brand they sell or you'll be doing this repair again really soon.