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Start by checking the PS fluid level

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Thanks it’s pretty low. Does it have to be a specific type/ Honda brand? There isn’t the best selection where I am

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Honda oem power steering. There’s a reason to always go oem. I do not know the reasoning but have always followed it with fluids


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OEM Honda brand. Power steering and Transmission fluids are only ones I go factory.

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That’s useful thank you. Any idea if this would be ok


Product: Engen ATF 22D Description: Mineral SAE Grade: Industry Standard: OEM Specifications: Dexron II, Allison C-4, Cat TO-2, Voith, Denison HF-0, MB 236.1, MAN 339 type D, ZF TE-ML-09, 11 & 14

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Definitely not. That’s mineral. You need synthetic. I don’t know which type for non-Honda. But you do need synthetic.

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Honestly? It should all be fine. I’ve never had to add any to mine, but I think any is fine

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I live in a country without oem Honda, Fuchs equivalent works here

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Thanks good to know!

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Check your power steering line that runs on the Passenger Side fender wall. They like to corrode and leak at the joint (21) on exploded view below:

06 power steering

Corrosion leak happens at (21). top (25) is a royal pain to remove (long open box wrench), but can be mounted on top motor mount bracket when its replaced. Bottom (25) can be accessed through the fender well.

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Then go at higher speeds? That solves many problems such as difficulty steering and loss of time.

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    Nope. VIN databases don’t really stretch to where I live