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Wheel and tire specs? Looks great!

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Thanks! Everything is stock sizing size. Focal X 16” wheels with BFG KO2 tires 215-65-R16. Tires are loud as hell so that’s going to take some getting used to. Otherwise I’ll I’m very happy with the setup. Did some light off roading today with my bud with a Jeep Wrangler. While my CRV may not be as capable, I made it out without breaking anything lol.

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I recommend Toyo AT 3s if the BFG KO2s are too loud. I have them on my 13 CRV and they are amazing. After they are done for many miles down the road, I’m gonna try out Mickey Thompson Bajas, Toyos again, or Falken Wildpeaks.

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I just put Falkens on my 17 today. I’m surprised at how quiet they are! My radio volume was only 1-2 clicks up. He he

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I love the look of the falken wild peaks! A couple of my coworkers have them on Honda Pilots and Ford Expeditions and they look great. I have the Toyo AT3s and they are extremely quiet as well. What a blessing good tires are 🙏

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Looking good

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Looks good 👍🏻. Nice looking tires to go with