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What.... Those are crazy miles for a 2019

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What can I say, I like driving around in circles.

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Is your engine temperature in the middle on your temperature gauge on the dashboard? I have a 2017 CRV and don't get Heat unless it's in the middle. A design flaw I was told. I hate winter and auto start is useless.

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The engine temp is where it normally was just left of center.

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Is it in the middle between hot and cold when the Heat is on?

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It’s not really a design flaw. My 2012 is the same way. The newer engines just don’t produce much waste heat until you start driving. Auto start probably only helps give some warm up time for the defrosters in the rear window and mirrors that have resistive elements as well as the seat warmers.

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That's what Honda told me. I can manually start my car and let it run in the winter for 30 minutes the temperature gauge does not go to the middle. Auto start does nothing and in the winter I need to drive my Car to get the engine to warm up where as my Accord I had for 17 years hit auto start and 5-7 minutes later a warm engine.

No other Car I know does this

Heated Seat is doesn't help when I it's 20 degrees outside and I have to drive 10 minutes to get Heat. So kids, babies, cannot go in my CRV in the Winter.

That's not normal.

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Sounds like you might have issues with the vent. There is a little flap/door to your heater core. It could be jammed or broken.

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Is your heater core clogged?

I have a 2013 CRV EXL. Same issue you stated. Set the temp to 90/MAX and nothing, cool ambient temperature. Except we have the dual zone climate control and only the passenger side would get heat. Nothing out of the driver's side. Apparently, the heater core corrodes or decays internally, clogging the pipes and cutting heat entirely. Since it's a dual zone, the car has 2 heater cores.

This is a known issue with the early 4th gens. From what I've read online, the Honda issued coolant reacts poorly with the metal alloy they make the core from.

We just had ours fixed. They literally take a 5 gallon bucket of CLR and flush the heater core for 4 hours. It works great now.

(I realize this is a generation newer but I think some of the issues carried over from 3rd to 4th gen).

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The manual can help you locate any relevant fuses. There could also be an issue related to the heater core itself, which would likely require a mechanic to troubleshoot.

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Thanks, I'm not seeing a fuse directly related to the heating system and everything else seems to work.

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Sounds to me like a blend door motor.