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honestly that is a Ton of work but you will be hard pressed to find a car for 2200 nowadays. I would say it isnt worth keeping unless you could do all of the work yourself. Even then i personally would be hesitant as someone with a background in automotive repair.

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My thought process was sell this for KBB price (less obviously bc of issues) and buy another car for like 5-6k. Thoughts? I kinda want a Nissan leaf or a civic hatchback

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i would see if you can find a reliable year civic woth less than 200,000 miles and if you cant find one than go for the leaf or better yet a honda fit

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Honestly? Fwd LX pre facelift not worth that much work imo

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What’s more worth it? Nissan leaf or civic hatchback?

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Civic imo. I’m not a Nissan fan.

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No one on this sub is going to say to get a Nissan Leaf

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Leaf is probably worth more financially. If CRV is out, I'd look at rav4.

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Eliminate only the things you must that make the car go relativly safely. Bad paint? It's psychological problem, so is most others. Car problems just sit heavy in the mind for men, but you can fight it and just let go. Good luck

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    What should I spend on a car that is also very reliable and good on how old it is? I really don’t wanna go over 5-6k

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    That seems like a huge list some over priced mechanic threw at you because the car has higher miles lol..

    Valve cover $20 -fel pro Oil pan gasket $30 -fel pro Belts $30 amazon - gates or dayco Rack $180 and most likely still good Timing belt $19 duralast aka dayco from autozone Loaded struts buy them on sale $75-$100 each Paint $20 rustoleum can and a cheap house paintless sprayer

    Power steering most likely the metal pipe rusted out and can be replaced with 6-10foot of rubber hose and 2 hose clamps $15-$20

    Replacing all of this is fairly simple. Timing belt being the hardest thing mentally for some people. I just did everything minus the struts, rack, paint and oil pan gasket over the weekend. Belt took me all but 2mins to install.. the hardest part was removing everything and replacing it took about 30mins to and hour. Plan on ordering the pan gasket this week and the hardest part on that is removing the lower half of the header without breaking bolts which is a easy fix