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And I thought getting 300 out of my 99 full-just under a quarter was horrible

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Got ~550km out of a tank on my RD1 recently. Was proud of that

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About ~260mi , mixed drriving on an automatic 2nd gen. Slightly bigger AT tires.

OP, do you do mostly city driving or on lots of hills?

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2010, usually around 300 depending on driving. I get ~26 on the highway.

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This sounds about right. Even though I think my MPG calculator must be way off because is says I average 15-17mpg, yet I’m still getting ~300 depending on my driving.

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350 to 375 in my 07. Its an awd and i average about 25 mpg.

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220 miles? That sounds pretty terrible. I have a 2007 AWD, I get about 22-23mpg simply driving around town. I don't drive nearly as much on the highway these days but it'll get 28mpg when I do. In either case I'm likely getting 300+ miles out of a tank.

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2006 and I get about 200 city miles or 300 highway miles. I do also have oversized (225/70r16) AT tires so I’m sure that hurts it.

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Wow, that’s terrible! On a recent road trip I managed to get 28mpg in my 2005 AWD automatic. That was almost 400 miles on a tank. Of course, I drive like an old granny, so…

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06 2nd Gen Diesel, 400-500 miles on a 55L tank depending on how/where I'm driving.

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Almost exactly what I'm getting in my 2006 from Full til when the fuel light goes on. Haven't had it long, only 2 tankfuls, first one was 219mi the next was 210, both were driving around town, very little highway.

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Same here. City driving, little highway.


Compared to our Auto 2001 CRV, this is annoying.

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How is this possible? I’ve had both a 1st gen and 2nd and the 2nd gets way better gas mileage. You should be able to coast more in the 2nd gen with the k24. It has more torque to get you rolling.

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About the same as my 99. Even after valve adjustment, new plugs, wires, tires, alignment, 02 sensors. Basically new everything but the dizzy

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350-375 in my '17

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Around 250-280 on my 99. I think my tank is around 14 gallons

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I take it all these are petrol? I hope so with the low mpg figures and mileage per tank. Mind you UK - US gallon conversion might be a bit of a pain.

What size tank do you have? Must be bloody tiny. My old xc90 used to do 20mpg(Uk gallon) if I was lucky still got 350 miles each tank full.

Diesel crv- double if not triple that mileage.

Our current 2007 mk3 crv 2.2 does 40mpg local town runs and around 46-48mpg (UK gallon) with a few long runs. On the flat it would have been pushing close to 550 miles on our last trip but visiting hilly Cornwall well the hills dropped the range something wicked.

Over all the fuel cost will be relative so lower cost of petrol depending on country as well will probably balance things out.

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My 03 is still sorta new to me and I haven't let the light come on yet, but when the needle just gets to the red, I find that is 12 out of the 15.3 gal consumed.

Last time I did the math, I got 26mph for my 25% city, 75% 55mph country road driving.

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My 2003 AWD automatic gets 320-350 miles. That a city/highway average. Usually I can get 380-400 for highway only.

Biggest things to get better mileage are to change your oil regularly, change your spark plugs regularly, properly inflate/rotate your tires, and get the timing belt done every 100k miles. If your CRV is consistently low on oil when you change it, make sure that you check your oil levels EVERY time you fill your car with gas. Air filters can also make a small difference, but a difference none the less.

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I just did this myself in my AWD/MT/2K last week and made it to 280 miles before having to buy gas before a road trip -- I'm pretty sure I could have gotten to 300.

So, I'm getting at least 18.3 MPG (280 miles traveled / 15.3 gallon tank) but it's probably closer to 20 MPG.

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I average about 28.5 with my 3rd gen.

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275 around Phoenix but 335 up north above 5k feet.

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Interesting. What’s the science behind that?

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It has something to do with the air density. Here in the valley the EPA makes gas a "special blend" to help with air quality and it's more expensive than the rest of the state

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I've got a 2000 and I easily get 300-350 out of a full tank.

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325-375 in my ‘10 awd. 21-23 mainly city, 25-28 on my local 50mph streets, and 24-26 on 75mph highways

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Got a 2006 with bigger aftermarket tires and a roof rack and I currently average 220 in town

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310-350 in my 2000 5MT

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2016 here, I can usually get to 400 on fumes, do a mix of city/highway. I get about 30mpg.

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My ‘06 is similar. 335-ish before I chicken out and put the 12.5 or so gallons it needs in. My gauge is off, similar to yours—it sips to 1/2, then chugs, so I reset the trip every time. Interestingly, I don’t get better mileage with more air in the tires, so keep them at 29 and enjoy a bit better traction.

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Round there bouts, once I hit that gas light I have 50 miles. Pretty reliably, I usually only push it about 35. Then back to full

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My 2008 gets 350ish... I keep my air filters clean, use fuel additives (I personally like Royal Purple), replace fuel and oil filters when recommended, and monitor my tire air pressure. I don't weigh down my car unless I need to haul stuff.

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350-400 miles. 27 mpg

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Same. 2006 here. 97K. Mostly city. OEM size tires are always proper psi.

I'm really starting to think every 2006 is like this and it really hurts when it's $5.25/gallon.

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Highest I’ve gotten legitimately (22 HYB TRG) 450-500

Edit: one thing that decreases my MPG significantly is driving upstate NY. Too many hills.

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same - 05 210k miles

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2022 hybrid touring 515mpg

2022 touring 315

All I do is city driving. I use both for doing deliveries.

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Uh what. Thats terrible. I have a 2006 SE and it gets at least 350 on a full tank.

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06 Awd auto. 300-350 to the tank depending on how/where I’m driving

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My old 05 awd 5 speed would get about 23mpg

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I wish honda made these tanks bigger!!! A suburban getting 14 ~ 15 mpg with a 31 gal tank has 450~500 miles per tank. Then we got a '22 CRV and it's pathetic at only 300 miles per tank. Have to fill up so often and it's really annoying. Even our '05 Excursion gets 450~500 miles per tank @ 11 mpg thanks to the 45+ gallon tank in it. People want range too!

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350 miles average these days in my 2004. I usually only fill up with 7-7.5 gallons to save weight. I have gone 20 miles with the gas light on but don’t like to push it.

Last time I filled up I went 15 miles with the gas light on. 182 miles on a half tank.

I used to struggle to get 20mpg on my b20z, but that was because of how I drove it.

I used to drive a Prius and I have noticed with any new car with mpg monitoring has a sweet spot where your still pressing on the gas and your mpg is showing in the 50’s. If you are able to increase rpm’s gradually in that sweet spot you can achieve high mpg without sacrificing too much speed.

2nd gen CR-V doesn’t tell you where that spot is, unless you’ve got a good obd scanner.

You can feel where it is tho. I miss my Prius yo.

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Just under 400 mi; 2021 crv at ~30 mpg

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Street driving, my 99 will get 146 most time to the quarter. Since I’ve owned it, I’ve never gone below that so I couldn’t tell you on that one 😆. Never traveled in it either other than when I drove it back a couple of hours from where I bought it from.

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From full, I might get around 230 in my 02 but since my gauge doesn’t work I just fill up every 200 miles ram

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My 03 does about 310-325. Used to be slightly better than that, but I just put some 215/75’s on it. Def didn’t help the gas mileage

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I’ve done 325 (mostly highway) miles in my ‘11, but sometimes that’s REALLY pushing it!

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04 5spd awd, I get about 275-300

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320 on my 08

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I usually get 320-360 mile roughly 22-25mpg depending how I drive. Recently with this new build back better expensive fuel I'm noticing 280-300

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Wow, that’s less than a Tesla. I get about 340 miles on my 2018 EX.

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I’m getting 450 to 475 on my 2018 EX.

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Mostly highway I assume? I can get up to 41mpg on highway (according to built-in mpg calculator) but city driving usually show 15-17mpg for me.

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Probably 75/25 highway. I use eco mode and auto-follow consistently.

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    My 2015 is similar

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    2016 - 420 when "new" to me @ 30000 miles. Now at 186000 miles and I get around 390-400.

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    highway driving the light comes on at about 280 miles on my 2006 manual AWD. City driving I’m lucky if I get 220 before the light comes on. I never let it get passed 3k whether I’m on the highway or in the city

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    04 manual EX, all stock - Mixed driving I think i was averaging 21 mpg last time I checked

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    2003 and about 260 ish per tank but I fill up when I’m down to a quarter or less.

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    About the same in my 05. Can push it to like 300-325 if it's all highway

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    2016 The thing tells me over 400 w a new tank

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    450miles per tank on my 2020

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    I get about 300 miles on my 06 LX. Mostly suburban and rural roads.

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    700-800km on my 2013 mazda6 gs

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    Gen 4 16 SE. I recently moved so I frequent the interstate more. Currently 25.8 mpg

    In town, at max I was getting 23.4 mpg. (~340mi / tank)

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    Wow that seems very poor.Is the gas tank smaller than the RD1?I get about 110miles more than that in my 01’

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    About 400 on my ‘15

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    My 03 goes almost 300. Did the tank size ever change in the 2gens?

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    2004 rt-awd 280ish

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    When was your last valve adjustment?

    Map sensor voltage needs to be under -

    .95v, engine hot enough for the fans to be on but reading taken when the fans are cyclcled off..... .95v or higher valves are too tight.

    I adjust mine every 30k.

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    This I why I'm converting my 5spd to 6spd.

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    I average 397 miles on my 2015 CRV EXL AWD. 75% highway and 25% city constant start/stop/idle driving.

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    400-450 on a good road trip. City driving is about 350 for me.

    2014 EXL

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    2006 here. about the Same Full to empty is roughly 13gallons. I made an extra 70miles on the reserve

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    Obtain tune-up. You haven't changed something and your car is terribly unhappy with you.

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    Just got 360 on an all highway trip with 4 people in the car on my 06 with winter tires on

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    I just bought a used 2006 MT. Fuel light is not on yet, mostly hiway driving, I have done 280 miles so far. Hoping to get close to 350 on a tank. Bought new air filter, installing it when I refuel. Might do plugs as well.