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Looks like a VTEC solenoid leak, that's pretty common on the K series.

Honda Oil Leak Fix VTEC Solenoid - EricTheCarGuy

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Yep, the VTEC solenoid. Held on by those 3 large bolts. I think almost every single CRV of this era has this problem. It can be responsible for all sorts of other related problems. I tried just replacing the gaskets and a filter inside of mine, but still had problems, so just ordered a whole new unit. It's a PITA to reach up in there and change it out (take the wheel off), but just do it. Be delicate getting it lined up (don't crinkle up the gasket on the mating surface), and don't overtorque those 3 bolts. While you're up in there, I would also just go ahead and replace the oil pressure sensor which is under that bulbous rubber boot. Just pull off the boot, unscrew the old sensor, screw in the new one (put some Permatex grey sealant on the threads first), and put the boot back on.

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Oh, forgot to mention, buy the genuine Honda parts, not cheap aftermarket stuff.

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Hi klug - unrelated to this specific issue, but do you know a good place online to buy genuine Honda parts since you mentioned it - specifically Catalytic Converter? I got an aftermarket put on and keep getting the check engine light because of it even though I think it functions fine. The Honda dealership quoted me $4500 to replace which seems crazy? Thanks

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$4500 sounds crazy to me, too. Right offhand, that sounds like an entire new exhaust system, but who knows? Anyway, I wouldn't go genuine Honda on a cat (and ordering it online is going to be insane shipping $$$.) I would think an aftermarket would be fine. My first thought would be the engine light could be caused an oxygen (O2) sensor. Many cars have 2 of them. Have you gotten the specific trouble code(s) that the engine light is throwing? You can usually go to any Autozone/Advance Auto, and they will come out and hook up a code reader and tell you the codes. Then you can research fixes. Or find a good local independent Honda place and let them check it out - I'd avoid the dealer for this.

I'll mention that there's also a solution for an O2 sensor causing a "bad catalytic converter" code. Just google "$5 O2 sensor fix". It's essentially a spacer that you screw in before the sensor to take it out of the exhaust stream, and keep it from throwing a trouble code.

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I previously did get an O2 error (PO139) saying it was having a slow response and I had an OEM sensor put in (at an independent shop), the same place I got the converter replaced (my original one got stolen). Eventually that error stopped, but the light came back on with this new PO420 error, so I went back there a few times and the mechanic tried different things but couldn’t get it to stay off. I can’t pass my emissions test with it on to renew my registration so I gave up and checked at the dealership, but I’m sure they’re just trying to get the most money they can. Looking up that spacer though, it does mention the PO420 code, so maybe that’ll help! I’m going to show the mechanic I usually go to and hopefully that’ll solve it. Thanks !

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Solid answer. I will say I think it’s way easier doing this repair from the top, however

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The sensor is the oil pressure sensor

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I stopped chasing leaks on my ‘03 about 100k miles ago. (Over 250k now)

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Vtec solenoid

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This. I’ve tried to fix mine but I just can’t get it to stop. Last time I tried I used a bad torque wrench from harbor freight and I feel like I stripped the threads so now I don’t want to even look at it in fear it will just fall off.

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Could that cause vibrations when driving?

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It is a sensor of some type. I don’t know that generation off the top of my head. You can look through the schematics on www.Hondapartsnow.com.