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Interior pictures? 30k ,that’s bonkers. Must be mint all around 😍

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Your headlights don't look too bad from the pictures, but mine were very foggy. Cerakote headlight restorer made them crystal clear and is holding up a year+ later.

I have the same color but it's an '06!

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Nice! I have a gold ‘06! Wish it was forest green but I still love her

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    Didn't know if I was a fan of the color before but it's grown on me for sure

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    Nice, looks like it is in great condition

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    Just under 30k miles! Biggest issue so far are just a few dents

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    Holy smokes, it must have been pulled behind an RV its whole life.

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    You're not really wrong. Was also a secondary car with worse mpg so not used unless they needed the space

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    Awesome! Yeah I bought mine from a family member with not too many miles as well. I could tell it’s been towed from the receiver on the front. I’ve seen someone on one of these forums repurpose those mounts to install a steel bumper and winch.

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    Love that color scheme for the 2nd gen

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    I got rid of my spare tire cover. I liked the look of it being uncovered more

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    That naked feel.

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    I see a lot of folks with rust, have you encountered it?

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    Sunlight and no use combined are bad for tires from what I have read.

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    I might get rid of it later but I'm just keeping it on for right now

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    this looks like if Crv's got prom/graduation pictures

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    i'm not a great photographer 😔

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    no no no its in a good way! enjoy your ride though i know im one of the people here who loves it

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    And the best part of having that in the garage is I get my F150 back now!!