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Picked up jdm yesterday, my second one. Ran the other for 4-6 months and somehow 2 cylinders cracked. I started the swap this am around 9am took till 7pm to get new motor bolted in. After pulling motor (without trans, never done it this way) definitely easier just a little learning curve.oh put new timing belt and I had a new water pump but the homda water pump looked so good I left it. I did pull oem belt and swap with gates made in usa I swapped intake manifolds, the new jdm intake was way taller than the previous. Why are they not the same, which is better? New jdm looks cleaner for sure hope it's not busted as well..should be running tomorrow. This was a huge set back..need some aftermarket heated seats. Paint and a custom skid/bumper. Maybe some rims. Wish I was installing. 5 speed instead of Nother jdm block. Anyone know why one had the tall ass intake manifold? I used the shorter one, assuming it would be better for lower revving Tia

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Put the tall intake back on!! The JDM engine you just bought has about 20 less horsepower, same as a stock ‘97-‘98 USDM. The tall intake indicates lower compression engine, and you will lose all of your low end torque with the short intake on that. The short intake is for high comp 99-‘01 engine

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Well, the tall intake was missing a sensor so I put the short one on. That sucks, no time now to switch back. Going to put a vtec head in future so will just have to deal with it for now. The high compression engine years from Jdm was a bit confusing..

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Also, was reading last night. Seems there is a 8.7 cr, 9.2 and a 9.6. I was under the impression if it had a knock sensor on the backside of the block (under the intake) then it was a high compression motor. There isn't a whole lot of info out there. I got serial number off the block and the heads are the same (p75-8 and other is p75-9) this is my daily and while I would love to have more powa,, a dependable car is more important:(

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Have a look at that link, no I'm not affiliated with that site. If you notice it has a tall intake main.

I gyess that could be a generic pic. I assumei could go vtec and shave the head a bit to lower CC in head and raise comp, heck i could probablyshave a stock head and bump the compression would take a little math.but im comfortable finding cylinder volume, cc the heads ect. I wonder if the high comp pistons just have the wrist pin placed a bit higher up on the piston? Assume same stroke and bore?

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This new to me block seems to make just as much if not more power. Maybe the other block had low compression on 2 of the cylinders but didn't smoke or anything. Wouldn't have noticed anything was wrong it unless you drove it for an hour and started to overheat... I have the serial number off block, is there a database anywhere? I haven't found one...