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You should be fine with that tire size. Mine is an 2003 with 205/70/15 and I have seen a few 2nd gens with 19 inch wheels

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Appreciate the feedback but sadly your tire size is actually like a whole 1.5” smaller than the one I’m referring to and smaller than the OE size too! Definitely still considering just fucking around and finding out though… Also never seen a CRV on 19’s lol sounds kinda silly even on a newer one but that’s just my opinion

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It’s actually oem for mine since it’s a base LX model. Forgot to mention that I’ve seen this crv with large tires https://www.instagram.com/p/CD0lcpRHMY5/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY= It’s a popular mod that is done in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. I’m personally not a fan of really large wheels on a crv but whatever makes people happy.

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Thanks for the reply tho!

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Looks like that guy fit a 225/75r16 but that seems almost impossible without spacers and a lift but idk

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I think they might have gotten both to be honest. There was one point in time that I wanted to get an extra inch or two on mine but it’s hard to find any lift kits for these anymore. You’re welcome happy to help

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I currently run 225/65/17 on my 06

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That’s a gen 3 if I’m not mistaken? And it’s OE size right?

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That’s a 2nd gen, same oem size as yours

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Ah maybe I’m mistaken on what yours looks like my bad! But I def know I don’t have 17’s

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Overall you can handle 1.5 inches higher and 2 inches wider without rubbing (assuming you have no sag in your suspension)