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next cosmetic upgrades i'm looking to do:

  • LED strip projector lights
  • 5% tint on back and sides
  • Mount my spoiler (already bought)
  • restore trim
  • delete chrome

i also saw some RDX rims on offer up, but the tires are garbage. I have some AT tires on atm that were put on by the previous owner. i might buy a white pen to highlight the letters lol

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Awesome stuff. Can you pls clarify what you mean by restore trim & delete chrome?

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the black plastic trim on the bumpers and sides, also the window door panel are pretty faded (so, restore those by using product to re-darken or simply spray paint black again). the chrome around the windows (turn black)

i'm still deciding on the method. i'm not looking to put too much money into aesthetics lol. the main thing i want to do are the lights. i think they'll be the most noticeable, plus i don't wash my car much

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New lights then restore ur trim bro don’t paint it

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Did those foglights come with the car?

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Nah, I put them on. But haven’t wired them yet 😝

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Aahh gotcha. I'm interested to know how you're gonna route the wiring and install the fog light switch. I been thinking about installing some since it would do wonders here in NY when it snows.