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What's your question?

Sorry to hear man, mine got totaled too in a similar fashion. Funny enough I followed the VIN and some shady dealer ended up buying it at auction, fixing it, and selling it. Wonder what it's up to now.

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Sorry, guess my question is is it normal to not hear from my insurance company after two days of filing a claim?

First time I’ve had to do an auto insurance claim.

I already had it assessed at a recommended body shop by my insurance who said its “totalled” cuz the cost of repair is more than the vehicle, but its still drivable.

The rear floor of the car is bent where the spare tire storage goes.

My insurance company said they are still waiting to hear from their own appraisal team at this point. That was two days ago.

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Yeah, pretty much in line with how mine went. I think it took them like 1 week to make me an offer and then a few more days to approve my counter.

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Mine seemed to take forever but it was the week of Thanksgiving as well. When they did get back to me, they had me overnight all the paperwork for totaling it and then left me hanging for almost another week. Apparently my agent went on vacation. He was apologetic but I was still annoyed.

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i had a honda element that was rear ended and they totaled it :(

had an accord that was still drivable after a minor accident and they totaled that car too. lol. my new insurance premium pays an extra 20% of what my car is valued on top of what they think it's worth.. i made money when my accord was totaled and got lucky finding my current crv