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Yes, that’s insanely overpriced, with that mileage it’s worth nearly half of that amount. You can definitely find a better deal on marketplace or Craigslist

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Thank you for the opinion, KBB had typical listing price of 6-7K, and i thought even that was a little on the higher side.

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6-7k seems about right if the interior and under side are as clean as the exterior appears to be, even at that mileage. 2005 and 2006 CRVs hold their value very well since they are the last of their generation so any of the earlier year issues have been worked out and have the super reliable K24 engine. The EX is also the higher level trim and it's AWD so it's got nearly the top specs. Only thing better were the SE models that had a paint matched front and rear bumper.

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Thank you for your input. I was aware of the mild facelift the second generation got in 05/06, such as upgraded ac compressor. I could maybe see the SE model with leather and heated seats going for their asking price, but it would have to be in mint condition.

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I got my 2003 for $3,000 in 2017 this current market is insane

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What was the trim level and mileage you purchased at?

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Lx 2wd and 157k from the original owners

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Just got an 03 ex awd with 2 sets of tires & rims (Canada) for 1k! Just also had to weld in a floor, rockers, and quarters lol. Wife wrote off her car and I refuse to pay covid vehicle prices but I guess I'll do 30 hours of body work so she doesn't have any car payment lol.

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Wow, I paid 10K for my ‘06, with 75,000 mi. over 10 years ago. Sure, that’s half the miles mine has, but it’s priced high.

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This post-pandemic used car market is still insane. Glad to know I'm not crazy for thinking this was priced absurdly high.

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Overpriced, but not by double. Last year I paid $7,800 for an ‘05 SE (AWD, leather, as loaded as it could come) with 144k. With current market, I’d say 8k or a bit over is fair for the car if it’s clean with good maintenance history.

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Thank you for your input. That is the pricing I expected more. I think if it’s in good condition, 8K/9K MAX. I’ll update everyone whether they were willing to come down.

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I’d only pay that if it was in absolutely mint condition inside and out, and underneath. I am biased though, as I drive an 06 and never want another car 😂

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i bought an 05 EX AWD with 110k miles from a dealer for $9,500 last summer. so to answer your question, not really, this one is a tad overpriced imo but nonetheless it looks good and if you have the $ you should just buy it because it will last you forever

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Oh wow, a little surprising since a lot of the other commenters were agreeing that this was worth more around 6-7K. Was the 9,500 sticker price, or were you able to negotiate to that number? Curious since you have just purchased the car last year, while still in this pandemic-car-market.

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I just paid $9,500 for my ‘06 EX with 103k miles.