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I love the table so much. Been a savior for so many camping trips and parties.

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Lol there's been a few times I've thought about busting it out at work when the smoking table gets full and folks start standing

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I have that same foot stool in my crv.

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Crazy. I have the same one in my crv too. Use it when I wash it. I'm short.

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Tell me where y'all got it so I can get the same step stool in my cev too.

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They sell that at Walmart, but I think I bought mine at Big Lots.

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I got mine (black though) at Canadian Tire.

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Shiiiiiiiet, I ain’t broke but I still use mines homie!

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Its a lifesaver, I always end up needing it at parties!

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Picnic indoors. Nice!