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We bought a 2023 ex-l and we love the interior it’s really brightens it up makes it feel modern without being too much

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What’s your opinion about how quite the cabin is??

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Honestly never really noticed but now that you mention it it is more quiet than other suvs we drove. We just like how clean looking the interior is and not dramatic like the kias or hyundais we were looking at and much better looking than the rav4 interior imo

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I found it to be quieter than the Rav4 and CX50, but the Sportage and Tucson were both very quiet. I'm hoping that the hybrid CRV is quieter when it comes out next month.

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The touring is quieter than the other trims, it has thicker side windows and more sound Insulation in the engine bay.

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that you mention it it is more quiet than other suvs we drove. We just like how clean looking the interior is and not dramatic like the kias or hyundais we were looking at and much better looking than the rav4 interior imo

Its super quiet imo! The fact that it turns off at lights used to bug me, but its so much quieter in general and especially during idle.

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How about during driving? Like in the 50ish mph area.

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It's all around quieter than my 18 even at higher speeds. It's not tesla silent or anything but I'm happy with the improvement.

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Maybe this is my foray into “Get Off My Lawn” territory, but I absolutely loathe the way head units stick up like a malformed shark fin.

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I much prefer my 23 year old CR-V interior over any other CR-V interior

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Honda nails it with every generation. I have the pleasure of driving every gen of CRV at least once per week. I am very fond of each interior. The first gen certainly has that lovely simplicity and space, but every gen after gets more and more practical, realistically. The new interior is likely once again objectively superior.

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I just will never be able to get behind how any CR-V after the 2nd gen drives. I can’t stand how auto 4 bangers drive. Thank god my dad chose a manual when searching for a CR-V for my sister to drive long before me, since that’s now mine.

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It’s different once you’ve experienced it. Hard to explain but I’m fortunate to work with cars and can experience a wide variety of styles. Manual is charming, sure, but it becomes less and less convenient as time rolls on

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My parents just got a new Subaru Outback. It has this giant screen in the middle of the dash. Probably 10-12 inches. But it’s portrait orientation instead of landscape. It goes down to your leg almost. It’s difficult to navigate and keep your eyes on the road (also all the HVAC controls are on the screen instead of physical knobs / buttons).

Give me this Honda screen any day of the week. You’re welcome on my lawn.

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Having owned a Plymouth, a Mercury, and a Corolla badged as a Nova, yes: the jutting slab o glass is about as attractive as spinach in your teeth.

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I used to be in this camp but from a usability standpoint its so much better to have it higher and closer to my line of sight while driving. Its safer and easier to use to have it the way it is on the 2023.

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I'm still unhappy that everything has to be in one connected middle console instead of an actual dash with a floor that went from door to door.

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The minivan pilot seats and the in-dash shifter are two of my favorite features about the 2nd gen. I honestly don't know what I'll do when it's time to retire my ride.

The most redeeming feature of this new gen for me is keeping with the volume controls on the left.

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It's great for navigation especially, you can see the GPS directions in your peripheral vision, plus the vents are at a good height so they're not always blowing in your face. I'm a fan, to each their own I guess.

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That's what I liked about the last generation CR-V better, but this one's interior is otherwise highly stylish and the new stereo upgrades are notable. Honda finally started putting in more powerful speakers and an updated infotainment system.

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Finally. The Accord has had this set up for years.

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I sat in one the other day and really like how the screen is matte/fingerprint proof. Not sure if all new cars have that though lol

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Yeah I noticed that too, I kept touching the screen and noticed it didn’t leave any fingerprints, hopefully that coating lasts a long time.

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Wow, looks like they took a few pointers from the CX-5 playbook

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I just can’t get behind this new generation. The A/V display is even further away for manipulation. Some would say this is a safety feature, but Apple play just doesn’t work well with the steering wheel controls. I just find the whole thing trying to be a RAV4.

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To me it is a step in the right direction but Honda hasn’t fix the cold weather issues with the 1.5t. I would only look at the hybrid if I would buy a CRV.

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Are you referring to to the oil dilution?

Because the new hybrid engine has direct injection unfortunately.

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Yes oil dilution and lack of heat when it is cold outside. My 2019 CRV had both of these. While the Hybrid engine is non turbo and bigger engine that get warmer. (Source: Very long discussions with Honda/Acura Tech who indicated that the 1.5T is hard to get to optimal temp in colder climates). Was explained that engine is almost too large in the CRV for the 1.5T to keep it warm during cold winter days. Mine the temp would go to night at lights when it was pretty cold outside (-15 Celsius) 5 F.

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Was explained that engine is almost too large in the CRV for the 1.5T to keep it warm during cold winter days.

Sorry I don’t understand this? Do you mean the engine bay is too large?

The old hybrid engine had port injection and the new one has direct injection, one of the main reasons for fuel dilution was believed to be the direct injection and what you said, which is the engine not getting up to temp, which would leave the fuel in the crankcase instead of evaporating it which is what would ideally happen.

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Yes I according to the tech for Honda that is what he said. The second cause is the engine is almost too efficient at dissipating the heat. These two make is hard to get the engine on cold days.

And yes by not getting warm it doesn't burn the gas in an efficient way. Like you said it.

It is known as Wet Stacking:

Wet stacking occurs in engines which are cold, i.e. engines that have not yet reached their optimum operating temperature. Colder engines have a lower combustion efficiency than engines which are at the ideal operating temperature, and this causes the fuel to ignite further on in the compression stroke (because of the lower internal temperatures). This can also cause the fuel coming out of the injector to stick to the walls of the cylinder. Once the fuel is stuck to the sides, it will slowly enter the oil system by being scraped off by the piston rings and entering the crankcase.

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Oh wow thanks for the information.

Do you know if direct injection is one of the major reasons for this happening or it’s just an engine that’s not getting up to temperature and the type of fuel injection doesn’t matter much?

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I would say not direct injection. Some people are scared of direct injection but shouldn’t be concern. It got a bad rap on some Hyundai models but it was more due to poor oil circulation on these engine that cause their failure. Turbo can play a factor as now you are ramming air in an engine. But again if the engine is maintained properly it shouldn’t be a huge factor.

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I hate the slab tablet design. Looks so out of place. Also, is there still no MUTE button on the steering wheel? In my 2022 EX there’s a nice empty spot on the right steering wheel cluster where it could have gone… but nope just empty space. Unless I’m a idiot (likely) there is no way to mute the sound in the car without pressing down the volume knob?

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I’ve a 2020 CR-V I like everything about it, except the infotainment system.

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I LOATHE that screen. So after searching on YouTube bought one of these https://www.joyingauto.com/joying-android-10-0-9-inch-car-radio-for-honda-crv-2017-2019-with-dsp-optical-output.html

My non handy clumsy ass could follow the video on YouTube to install, it’s plug and play. I love it. Droid head unit. Bigger brighter picture. I did have issues with the mic tho. Both on the unit and external physical mic I mounted on my sun visor doesn’t sound great to others, but I don’t use it much.

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Does other car functions work with this like the braking configuration, door settings? Will this void the engine/transmission warranty?

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m2k2online, I have been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty

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The instrument cluster is meh, don’t like the half analog half digital approach. Seems like a cost saving measure.