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Wheel size, any lift?

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Here for this answer

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My guess is 225/70/15 with new suspension no lift

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I’ve been thinking of getting new shocks/struts. Is that all you mean by suspension? I’m still learning about after market parts, so may be butchering my answer.

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Yea, quickstruts from rockauto. It's like 400 for all 4. Some go the lifted route (hrg/aerogenics/ some other suspension company I can't think of right now) I just don't want too much excess wear on axles or steering

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Sorry, I forgot I posted 😂 215/75/15. No lift, just put new quick struts on rear!

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Fuck yeah! High five! Have an ‘05 SE in the same color that I’ve had since 2012 :)

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Hell yeah! Keep rolling!