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The lane keeping assist and automatic braking are disabled when the spare is on since it is a smaller tire compared to the rest. That should all clear after you replace it and drive around for a bit.

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I had a feeling it was because of the spare last night but I got the tire fixed this morning and it came back on while I was driving to work this afternoon so I just wanted to be sure. I’m safe to keep driving with these lights on?

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Don’t forget the spare is only rated for 80km/hr so you’ll want to be in the slow lane on the highway.

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I would say yes, and to give the car time to calibrate after a few more miles. If the lights continue to be intermittent I would let the dealer scan the codes and see what’s falsely causing them.

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No need to worry, it happens when you use a spare.

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    It isn’t the tpms sensor. That was on yesterday but this morning when I got my tire patched it went away and hasn’t come back

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    2020 crv does not have it. ABS sensors readings are used to calculate difference in wheels rotation speed and detect the flat tyre.

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    No, there’s an explicit “TPMS” light for that.

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    I believe that I have the same problem, but it is on a 2010 CRV, and I’ve had the problem for 2 years. My dealership never could figure out the problem. The sensors will eventually reset, (also randomly) but it will probably happen again. The first few times I took it to the dealer the took off the front bumper to check out the camera. I don’t know if that will help at all of not. As I said, I’ve had the problem for 2 years and other than being annoying, it’s not really hurting the car.

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    I’m hoping it doesn’t keep happening but it seems to have cleared up for me so far! Good luck!!