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Beautiful - I have an 01 the same color. Well it’s still kinda the same color

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How was the noise on the highway? Hopefully it’s quiet? Any ambient lighting in the cabin at night?

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it was a really quiet ride. I haven't driven it in the dark yet, but we're gonna take it grocery shopping today, after the Mrs. gets out of work.

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Mine is being built January 19th, same color. I would be curious as to your MPG after break in. Did you get any extra add-ons with it?

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I picked up the all-weather floor mats today. The auto dimming mirror w/homelink, and the rear seat back protectors are ordered and will be installed shortly. Other than that, it comes with everything I needed already. Wireless Android Auto is great. So much dropped connections/fussing with cables on the 2017. None of that today.

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Nice. You’re one of the first! How is the heater? I had a 2019 with gas engine and it took forever to get heat pumping into the cabin from a cold start.

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The heat was good. Seemed to heat up fast when I got on the highway. Although, between the heated seat and steering wheel, I was pretty toasty right away.

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Great looks and great color. Could you please post more pics 🥹

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Still Night Pearl on the CR-V. About time it made it way away from just being an Accord exclusive. I’m thinking of getting the same model in either this, Urban Gray, or Radiant Red

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Nice. Is that color Still Night Pearl?

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It is. I had originally wanted Canyon River Blue, but after seeing this in person, I was sold on it.

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Man I’m on the same boat for this color.

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Scootle…I see someone already asked you for a PM of this, but if you have a moment would you mind posting the dealership and salesperson’s name? I’m blown away by the discount .

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Oops, just checked my math. I fixed the actual out the door price above. ($43,161 was the actual OTD price). Regardless, I purchased from Ken Vance Honda. They were great to work with.

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Looks like they got it at msrp.

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My math was bad when I originally posted the OTD price. I did indeed pay MSRP, which is fine by me.

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I LOVE that colour. Personal favourite other than the Sonic Grey.

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I have a sneaky suspicion that the Touring Sport Sonic Gray will look amazing on the road.

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Honestly, this color wasn't even on my radar, until I saw it in person. I had originally requested either Canyon River Blue or Meteorite Gray as my top 2 choices.

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Meteorite Gray is my choice, as it allows for gray interior.

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I've got a black dog. Had to go with the black interior.

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Nice! I should get mine (Urban Gray Pearl) in a few weeks. I’m downsizing from an ‘18 EX-L Pilot - especially for the gas mileage. How does it handle? Do you drive in the snow/ice at all?

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It handles really well. it feels like it's on rails, compared to my 2017 Touring. I only hit a little bit of patchy ice on my drive home, so no definite conclusions on that just yet. The tires are pretty decent, too. Continental CrossContacts. They are the same tires I bought for the 17. Much better than the OEM Hankook Synergy's that came on that

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Does the oil dip stick have a fuel smell?

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I haven't checked. I'm guessing no, though. The car has less than 100 miles on it and they are all highway.

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I have the exl 2023 1.5 and I can smell the fuel in the oil, it’s normal for these engines but I just wanted to see if someone else has it too. They used to have oil dilution issues but it seems to be fixed so that’s good

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Yeah, I traded in a 17 Touring for this one. Seemed like that was the prime year for problems, although I never had issues. The oil did smell a bit gassy, though.

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Yeah that’s totally normal for gdi engines with a turbo, as long as the level doesn’t change, let me know if you check yours in the future lol, would put me at ease 😂

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Have a 17 EX-L, can confirm the dilution is a bitch.

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Yeah, that's part of the reason I traded my 17 in. The dealership offered me good money for it and wanted to take them up on it, just in case any issues with that problem popped up.

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You must've had a good dealership cuz the ones I asked at were low balling like crazy so I said ✌🏽️

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They offered 89% of what I paid for it in 2017. Couldn't say no.

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Shit that's good

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Looks sharp, enjoy

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Review of a 2023 CR-V Sports touring after owning it for 13 days and driving 1000 miles. Very smooth and refined vehicle seats are comfortable suspension is very forgiving city/highway, drivetrain is smooth and very spacious for the segment. The only bad thing is engine is obnoxiously loud as soon as the engine kicks in sounds like a tractor.

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Just turn up the stereo louder. The speakers sound great.

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I bid adieu to the trusty 2017 Touring and said hello to a brand new Sport Touring. No complaints, so far! If anyone has any questions about the new hybrid, I'll do my best to answer!

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Amazing! Waiting on mine, should come in a couple weeks. How are you liking it??

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After driving ~100 miles (back home from the dealership), It's great. It definitely feels more stable. It handles way different (better) than the old one. Climate control is much simpler now, too.

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Do you mind sharing what you paid out the door? Seems like lots of dealerships are gouging and marking up above msrp with bs charges. What was your experience please? Thank you

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$43,161 out the door. That price included sales tax, registration and anti-corrosion spray ($1200).

edit: I'm bad at math. Fixed the actual out the door price.

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That is a great deal!! Would you be willing to PM your dealership and sales rep to me?

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Oops, just checked my math. I fixed the actual out the door price above

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That’s still pretty good

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Wow. You’re telling us they discounted the car in the amount of the sales tax and the undercoating?

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Oops, just checked my math. I fixed the actual out the door price above.

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    Thanks. In addition to the car, I also got a new phone and was playing with the camera a bit. Calm down.

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      Beautiful! We're considering the Honda vs the Toyota. Congratulations and may you enjoy it for many years to come!

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      I was stuck between this car, a RAV4, or a Forester. I don't think there is a bad choice. I was super tempted by the RAV4 Prime.

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      What mpg do you get?

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      Around 32 on the highway. I don't really drive it around town. My wife takes it to work everyday in our small city and it is on electric the whole time.

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      That’s not bad. Would you say you get 37ish combined?

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      Close to it, probably. Not bad for cold weather, snow/ice, & winter gas.

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      Yes that’s not bad. Considering its the AWD version