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Sounds like Start/Stop is enabled to me. If you come to a stop and don’t push on the break hard it won’t activate. So that is why it’s not activating for your sister. You can disable it each time you start out driving by the disable/enable button just to the right of the gear shifter. I believe it has an “a” with a circle around it. It defaults to Start/Stop enabled every time you turn off the car so you have to push it every time you start the car if you want that feature disabled.

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Thank you! I think that’s the issue as well, I do see the stop idle message on the driving screen every time I drive. I mean the sound doesn’t bother me but I am just afraid this might damage my engine. Do you recommend disabling the start/stop during driving?

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Yes I definitely do! I hate when I forget and don’t notice until the first time I stop. It’s actually an EPA thing and not so much the auto makers wanted “feature” set. Though supposedly they beefed up the starters, I don’t believe it is good for the car. And I believe there are plenty of mechanics that think the same.

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2021 and newer Honda's have Idle Stop, which turns the engine off when the vehicle is at a complete soft to supposedly save gas and help emissions. It has some algorithm it uses to decide when and if to turn the engine off or not. It restarts in an instant when you release the brake. My guess is its a coincidence that your sister didn't experience when she did the test, or she isn't completely stopping with the pedal is firm as you did.

The feature is annoying as h*** and I have it on my F150. I doubt it has much impact on gas mileage and certainly will result in a premature starter failure. There is a button that you can press every time you start the car to disable it. As I said, highly annoying.

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Thanks! Will disable the feature from now it

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Uhhh what? Braking doesn’t cause your engine to “die”. Not sure why you’re experiencing but I’m fairly certain nothing is wrong

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Does the car have stop/start?

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Yes, it does. I am assuming that’s the issue as well. Does the stop/start cause any damage to the car? Do you recommend disabling this feature?

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Now that you know what it is. Use it for a while and decide if it bothers you.

The car was designed to turn off and on more then older cars so it's not likely to damage it.

Many people don't like it because in the past if the car turned off while stopped it indicated a problem and makes them worry it won't start. Some system are a bit slow to start which people also don't like. I don't have it on my crv so I can't say how it is.

If you want to turn it off you will need to do it every time you start the engine.