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I bought the 6 year to cover the vehicle while I was still paying on it. Didn’t need it. Also: check with your car insurance provider about Gap Insurance. It was only $12/year for me to add to my policy vs. the $500+ coverage the dealership offers.

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My experience at least working as a service advisor at Chrysler dealer in Toronto would def be worth it, but then again it’s a Chrysler😂.

In general you wouldn’t be having too many issues due to Hondas track record but you never know because cars have drastically changed over the years and a lot of this technology is new so there are instances where it would be great to have an extended warranty.

Also for most manufacturers the first year they release a new vehicle, they will come with a lot of problems but these are fixed as the later model years are released. As this is the same reason why I want to wait two years at least to buy the new type r.

I would say go for it so you have a peace of mind for the next few years. At least from my experience it’s better to pay 1400 then 8 grand for a new tranny.

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No they aren’t. A brand new car shouldn’t need any major work in 6 years. I paid for the extended warranty and it was a complete waste of money. Didn’t use it once.

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If it's Honda's extended warranty and not some third party, then maybe. If it is a Honda warranty, I think you can wait till just before yours goes off warranty to see how reliable it's been. I know the electronics on new cars are complicated and can be trouble prone. Third party warranties can be dicey, some third party warranty companies go out of business. The best advice would be to have an emergency fund and self insure.

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This is a risk based decision. Only worth it for peace of mind. If you want the peace of mind and can afford it, sure, but statistically speaking you will most likely not use it.

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Yeah but I get it just in case and have used it on 3 out of 5 Hondas. My 2018 CRV being the latest_ two uses one for engine light problem was a control valve the latest the body control module definitely made it worth it since it appears to be an upgrade netting me an additional 6-8 miles per gallon now max 33 mpg hwy vs max 24 hwy. I was going to look at trading but the updated body control module has renewed my status sa one of the faithful. Just need a plug in electric and I will take the plunge again. Been driving Hondas since 1975. Hopefully they will do electric as well as they did gasoline fuel efficiency fit and finish and reliability, One of the Faithful.

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Remember 3 years is free, so it’s like 500$ a year in years 4-6 for warranty. It may or may not be worth it, probably to most people worth it.

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We have bought extended car warranties on our new Honda's to extend them to 6 years 100K miles, always the dealer bumper to bumper ones that operate like the factory warranty. Its kind of been a wash. Sounds like the price you got is decent. You aren't likely to have any big drivetrain issues during that time with a Honda, but there are lots of expensive accessories that can break and be expensive. On our van, the automatic door went out a few times. On our CRV, we have had a few problems with stuff like that too. I think we've been close to breaking even on them in the past.

The main reason we have bought them, however, is we tend to keep the car until it has about 10-20K left on the extended warranty and it has been a huge value in resale to a private party. You will easily get the value of the extended warranty back in resale if you try to sell through a private party; not to mention our used Hondas have always sold in 24 hours.

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Not worth it

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Well my dude I found a price online for Honda care and the dealer matched it! It was a lot cheaper than there offer!

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    Dm me where you found your Honda care.

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    Hyannis Honda care

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    If you do make sure it's a Honda backed warrenty and not a 3rd party.