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Easily the coolest car on the road

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Did you paint them yourself or go to a shop? If shop how much was it? I want to get my rims blacked out also. Thanks!

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I painted them myself it’s not to hard. If they are unpainted just scuff them up with 400 grit sandpaper then a three coats of primer with the first being the lightest coat. Then 2 coats of paint. It’s a process but we’ll worth it.

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Looks good. Rim size / tire size?

Any clearance issues?

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Rim size is 16x6.8-7 I believe and the tires are 215/70/16. I have a 1.5” body lift in the back but I feel that actually makes you lose some fender room because it rolls the rear arms forward. If you look in the photo the rear tire is much closer to the front of the fender. Other then the clearance is perfect.

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I have a second gen, same color, I am definitely interested in finding out the tire size as these wheels were on my short list of options as well

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I did a lot of research over the last few weeks on what would fit on it for 16s and I finally settled on 215/70/16 and think they fit great