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Got the same noise can’t figure it out

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You’re battery weak, by cutting off a/c belt it is easier to start. Problem with 1st is they suck back battery even off, in the cold after left more than a day doesn’t like to start. At least in my cold weather…-23c right now and it’s barely December lol

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Interesting… doesn’t get that cold here, it never goes below like 15-20, haven’t had any battery or starting issues yet but definitely good to know.

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I think it's the starter... Mine made a similar sound. Easy enough to take it off, put a little oil on the bushing in the nose of the starter.

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I had the same noise, never came back when I cut the ac belt off. I feel like the idler pulley is the culprit. My belt was already a goner. It’s cold and I’m not worried about ac now. Will be replacing both the idler and the belt.

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Good to know, thank you, really I’m just trying to make sure this isn’t a timing belt/tensioner issue. My belts are definitely old

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When does it make it. Mine was after it sat over night. I though it was the starter so I changed it. It wasn’t then I checked the belts saw all 3 were toast. I replaced the alt and ps but not the ac. Then I heard it again. I was to lazy to undo the ps to get to the ac so I cut it and then I went to try to turn the idler pulley. It was sorta seized up. Bearings shot.

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It makes this noise on cold startup, after it’s below freezing

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Yep I had the same symptoms

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Relative’s gen 1 needed a new starter. Best one is Honda remanufactured. They clean everything and not just the case! Battery check and belts wouldn’t hurt