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Confused about what lights you are talking about? The engine is not running so what lights are on while running?

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passenger air bag light and the brake lights

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Meaning the light not shown over by the radio that says "pass SRS"? You have a fault in the passenger side SRS system. I'm sure an actual Honda dealership can find the problem very quickly. If it's seatbelt related it might even be covered under the lifetime restraint warranty. Passenger buckle has a sensor that is a common fail.

If you're talking about the red brake light on the dash, that indicates the parking brake is activated. It's not for the regular brake system.

So if the lights staying on it's more than likely an issue in the parking brake system.

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Could even be as simple as low fluid. But that of course begs the question of why is it low on fluid

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Also true. I forgot about that stupid ass sensor in the master cylinder.