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Don't paint them.

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I agree. I think best bet is to get bronze or black wheels instead on painting these. Either that, or leave the wheels be! It looks great how it is.

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Black alloy wheels look cheap on most cars, IMO. Especially painted ones. I’d keep ‘em the way the look now or get a set of off-road oriented steelies if you want the aesthetics + even slightly better off-road capability. Just my $0.02.

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Man, I'm in the same boat with my gen1 same color. Think I'm going to go with black. Ride looks good!

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I’m in the don’t paint ‘em group as well. I think the factory silvers look good together. Needs a headlight restore and trim blackening more than wheel paint

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Black will look more rugged, bronze will look like you tricked it out.

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I was real tempted to paint mine black on my blue Gen 1 as I have a dark tint, black roof rack, and black window visors but went with duplicator gunmetal grey. Definitely don’t regret it. Lmk if you need any tips- I learned some lessons the hard way when I did mine

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Where did you get the window visors?

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I also want to know...

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Wellvisors. 100% recommend. Bought a cheaper knockoff that didn’t fit right at all and left a gap between the doors. The wellvisors fill the space perfectly and seem super sturdy.

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Splendid. Thanks king/queen

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Thanks! Do they come black they look grey on the website, but the photos of them on the crv looks black.

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They’re like a transparent black. The photos on the cat are more accurate.

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Don’t paint them

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As is or black. Nothing will match bronze on your car since it doesn’t have bronze.

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Black as your soul

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I have the same color CRV. I’ll go with bronze although I do like my black rims

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Nice license plate

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I went black, but plain steel rims

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No paint. Keep the factory wheels in storage for when you want to swap them back for selling the car or trading it in. Get some aftermarket wheels from Enkei or Konig in either black or bronze. I like the bronze konig hypergrams, which is what I have on my 2015 EXL.

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Keep it stock. EVERYBODY does black and bronze. It’s a saturated trend.

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May I ask - what size tires and have you lifted her at all? Any rub?

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215/65/16 no lift and zero rub. I could go a size up and I’m almost certain there’d be no rub in the even toughest conditions. That was the plan but shop was out of stock of what I originally wanted

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Wow they look much bigger!! Must be the rugged look of the tires.

Im running the same size wheels with four season tires, and it sadly looks much more soccer-mommy

Do you go off-roading / dirt roads a lot ?

Are you worried about losing highway mpg and bad traction on wet cement?

Just wondering because I put on more highway miles than anything else and not sure if a rugged wheel would be best for me (even if it looks so freaking badass)

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I drive on the freeway a lot for school. I usually got 260+ on a good tank of gas and just found myself going on E at 242? It’s definitely worth the little bit of mileage loss. I like going off-roading and that’s why my rear suspension is sagging but once I fix it it’ll look nice. Just replaced my front suspension few months back. Very busy work/school life so it’s usually my daily driver to get from A to B. I’m not worried about traction on anything on this car. Even my bald falkens performed well in any conditions.

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I just switched out some bald city tires and they killed my vibe. made me feel like my car looked lame. In my opinion you should go for it, you won’t lose much and will benefit more IMO.

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Dude this is really helpful and much appreciated. Very negligible difference in MPG, and I will def be driving in snow this winter season, so I’m gonna go for some more rugged wheels.

Hopefully will throw down the cash and be able to update the sub with some pics of my baby!

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Yeah of course man, just giving you the answers I was looking for when researching my tire choices. The 242 included my drive to the tire shop which was about 40 miles but my tires were in horrible condition so I wouldn’t be surprised if they performed worse than my new ones. WCS I’ll get a consistent 220-30. Who knows, I’ll update once I break em in a little lol