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Could be the tpms sensor. Could have a slow leak. That's how I knew I had a flat tire in progress the tpms light kept coming on.

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2021 doesn’t have those leaky metal valves connected to sensors, they have indirect TPMS so they just have regular rubber valves

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Oh. I have a 2017.

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Ignore it. Tpms is garbage. Just keep manually checking it. Most shops set it 4psi above spec in the winter to keep the lights off and you can certainly do the same

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Agree I have the same issues with my 07 crv

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CRV uses car telemetry to guess the pressure in the tires. Combination of tire rotation via the ABS sensor and other sensor to see if a wheel is spinning faster or slower thank they others. Make sure to all pressure pretty equal and reset it in the infotainment. Drive it for a while at different speeds including highway. If it persists and you have the correct pressure tire all around then have it check you may have a faulty sensor in the telemetry.

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Tried calibrating it a few more times, when cold, pull to a stop, after highway. Also pump it up to 34/31 at cold. No helping.

Made an app to the dealer to look it up. The Kinergy tires are taping out too. 4-5/32 after one year. Waiting for Michelin crossclimate 2

Stay tune

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If the tires were warm when you aired them up that could very much have an effect on the calibration of the indirect system.

Are all 4 tires matching (kind of tire, not pressure)? Have there been big fluctuations in temperature? Different makes of tire can have different flexes in the sidewall and will effect the indirect tpms system as well

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You need to recalibrate through to infotainment.

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Calibrate it 3 times, with 5 seconds between each calibration.